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About Me


Why I do this...

You can buy from ANY Dealership, from ANY Sales Person, ANYwhere... but do you trust the person you are spending your money with?  I take great pride in being here for you the customer... I've been in the business for 6 years and have helped many people with their car purchase.


What Drives Me...

I'm driven by the Holy Spirit... Saved by the Grace of God.  Turned my life to Christ 2 years ago.  I owe it all to Him.


My Hobbies

I am very involved in my Church... I attend Chocolate Bayou Cowboy Church in Alvin... I lead our adult bible study class on Wednesday nights and also from time to time deliver a message to the congregation on a Sunday morning.  I like to shoot guns, play golf (when time permits), work on cars... I'm married to an amazing woman, I have 7 cats (Sophie, Noah, Mr. Squeakers, BatCat, Ollie, Georgie and Annabelle), I also have 3 dogs (Brooks, Dunn and Jake)  All are RescueAdoption.


3001 Gulf Fwy, Dickinson, Texas 77539, United States


Mon - 9-8

Tues - 9-8

Wed - 9-5

Thur - 9-8

Fri - 9-8

Sat 9-8

Better yet, see ME in person!

I love my customers, so feel free to visit during business hours.